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The Seychelles is a group of about 115 islands which lie 1600 km off the coast of East Africa.

Mahe Mahe measuring 28 km long by 8 km wide, is the largest island in Seychelles. Mahe is tranportation hub for island-hop and day excursion to neighbouring islands and all other islands within Seychelles.

Praslin Praslin lies 44 km to the North East of Mahe. The island features exquisite beaches such as Anse Boudin, Anse Georgette, Anse Lazio, Anse La Farine, Anse Possession, Anse Matelot, Grand Anse, Anse Volbert, Anse Kerlan.

La Digue La Digue is the fourth largest island in Seychelles. The La Digue Island is home to the rare Seychelles black paradise flycatcher. The island features legendary beaches such as Anse Source d'Argent.

Aride island Aride Island is most unspoilled of all island in Seychelles and is located 10 km North of Praslin. Aride Island is also home to rare species of flora including Wright Gardenia. Water surrounding Aride Island are rich in fish life such Dolphins and Hawksbill

Bird Island Bird Island is situated 28 miles from Denis Island. Bird Island Lodge is situated 30 minute flight from Mahe, Bird Island is Seychelles most northly island, surrounded by sparkling white beaches and crystal blue waters.

Cerf Island Cerf Island is situated within the Ste. Anne Marine National Park, Cerf is Mahe closest neighbour and offers excellent swimming and snorkelling as well as several great beaches.

Cousin Island Cousin Island lies South West of Praslin. It is home to Seychelles rarest bird, such as The Seychelles Bush Warbler and The Seychelles Magpie Robin.

Curieuse Island Curieuse Island is located North West of Praslin. The Island boasts an endemic vine, eight different species of mangroves. Curieuse is home to the exciting giant land tortoise as well as the Coco de mer which grows naturally on the Curieuse Island.

Denis Island Denis Island lies 85 km North of Victoria, Mahe and 28 miles from Bird Island. Denis Island offers facilities such as Diving, WindSurfing, Canoeing on its beaches. Denis is home to varied vegetation such tress as Casuarina, Badamier, Takamaka.

Felicite Island Felicite Island is located 4 km from La Digue and in close proxity to other La Digue satellites such as Sister Islands, Marianne and Ile Cocos. Felicite beautiful beaches at La Penice offers swimming and snorkeling facilities.

Fregate Island Fregate Island is located 55 km from Mahe. The island features a luxurious lodge offering comfort and amenities. Anse Victorin is located on Fregate Island. Access to this beach is most convenient to guests staying at Fregate Island Private resort.

Moyenne Island Moyenne Island is located 6 km East of Mahe and is also located within The Ste. Anne Marine National Park. Moyenne Island is situated in close proximity to Ruond Island, Long Island and Ste. Ane. The island offers snorkelling and trekking facilites.

Silhouette Island Silhouette Island is Seychelles third largest island and is located 30 km off Mahe western coast and in close proximity to North Island. Anse La Passe beach and Anse Lascars is located on Silhouette Island.

Ste. Anne Island Ste. Anne Island the largest island of Ste. Anne Marine National Park, is located 4 km East Coast of Mahe and is close proximity to Cerf Island, Round Island and Moyenne Island. Ste. Anne is home to Seychelles newest 6 star resort, Sainte Anne Resort.