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Attractions in Seychelles:

In addition to the world famous beaches of Seychelles, there are a host of special attractions in Seychelles for the visitors. These include the legendry Vallee de Mai in Praslin. L'Union Estate in La Digue Island is home to the one of the most pristline beaches in Seychelles.

Aride Island, is one of the world's most important Nature Reserve. Aride Island is home to breeding seabirds of ten species endemic birds such as Magpie Robins, Fodies, Brush Warblers. Ile Coco Marine National Park is set around 3 small islet in shallow turquoise sea by large expanses of coral reefs. The combination of red and green, colour the hillside of Curieuse Island and gives it its unique characteristics. The hills are peppered with Coco de mer trees, of the eternal symbols of the Seychelles.

Most visitors vist The Curieuse Marine National Park by chartered boad from Praslin. Standing at a height of 740 m Silhoutte Marine National Park is the only "paper park" left in Seychelles. Set in turquoise sea Anne Marine National Park has one of the largest areas of sea grass meadows in the granitic islands.